PETA,  please don’t kill me… but I love seeing all of this fur on the streets of last week’s couture shows in Paris. With below freezing temperatures and snowy weather, editors and show-goers bundled up in the warmest of wears. Have you ever seen so much fur?  And in so many colors and styles! It kind of makes me want a fur hat á la Miroslava Duma. (Or maybe I’ll just settle for this faux version from ASOS.)

Zhanna Romashka

Miroslava Duma

Anya Ziourova


Ulyana Sergeenko

taw-day-four05 taw-day-two05



(Images via Stockholm Streetstyle, Harper’s Bazaar, The Cut, and WWD)

10 thoughts on “BRR…

  1. I love all of these shots! So beautiful. I can’t get over that fur skirt! Never seen anything like it, It reminds me of a vintage holiday barbie or something equally as glamorous.

  2. How heavy do you think that fur skirt is?!? I think she’s getting a solid core workout wearing that baby. I am a huge fan of this entire fur-situation. I just bought a really old mink coat that I’m going to have reworked and I’m super excited about it (but I do feel a little ashamed thanks to PETA. At least it was vintage right?) xo

  3. These shots are gorgeous! But when I think about really what is going on here-for vanity- I know it is associated with inhumanity for certain. What part about these divine animals ( I have fox running around my ranch in Santa Barbara that are so cute and play and do feel..) is different than hurting a dog. We are the smart ones here. If you do not love animals then it is your right to wear them. But , as a mother, I know that the animals are taken very young from their own mothers. I would never wish taking a child away from any mother, any time, any species.I know these animals have a totally horrific life. Stella McCartney has managed to build a business by being kind. I like her approach.

  4. I agree that these are beautiful shots. But I do rather go naked than wear someone else’s skin to cover mine. The fur industry and the fashion labels that do use fur are responsible for the killing of vulnerable animals that have no voice to express their suffering. Please reconsider your opnion on this subject. Wearing faux fur should be good enough for intelligence and compassionate women every where.

  5. Hello amazing!!! I’m enamored by this post. The fur is so chic-especially the skirt! Fur is one of my favorite luxuries, and like you, I may have to opt for the faux-fabulous version from asos.

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