kelly wearstler bengal bazaar

Being married (wedding pictures are coming soon – promise!) brings about a whole lot of change. One of the biggest adjustments has simply just been living together (living with a boy is just a totally different deal). When I moved in last spring, I knew that a lot of my current furnishings weren’t going to work in our new place. My husband is a pretty easy-going guy, but I knew that living with all of my pink (!) wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. I had a make a few changes. I wanted to find a way to make a living space that worked for both of us – nothing too girly, but still maintaining that element of eclectic and fun.

My headboard seemed like a good place to start. Remember what it used to look like? Neutral fabric with a pink border. I really loved the shape, but the fabric needed a change. Since I knew we’d be moving to a new place (more to come on that later!) fairly soon, I wanted to pick a fabric that would work in a future guest bedroom. (This headboard is a Queen size. It’s a little cozy in there! In the new place, we’re upgrading to a King.) I knew I wanted a bold print so, naturally, I turned to Kelly Wearstler. Nobody does prints quite like she does (I’m obsessed with her Feline print pillow at the moment). With the help of Carolina at Pulp Design Studios, I opted for KW’s Bengal Bazaar fabric. It’s one that I had always envisioned using for couch pillows, but I love seeing it done in a larger scale. I chose the blue color (the company actually refers to it as “teal” but there isn’t the slightest bit of teal in there) because it was struck me as the most gender neutral in this case. The blues remind me of a mix of denim colors, and the palette makes for an easy one to mix in other things. For the bedding, I wanted to go super clean and classic. Matouk seemed like the obvious answer. The Pacific color pairs perfectly with the headboard. I used the Lowell style for the duvet and Mirasol for the shams. I hate having too many pillows on the bed, so I just added in a single D. Porthault pillow that I picked up at Madison.

I recognize that it’s not exactly a neutral choice, but I think it’s a perfect temporary solution until this headboard makes its way into a guest bedroom.

bedroom kelly wearstler bengal bazaar d. porthault pillow matouk bedding

matouk monogram Photo Credit: Kelsey Foster for Glitter Guide and Molly Miller


  1. Gorgeous! I love the blue tones and it will be perfect in a guest bath. I understand about the boy not wanting pink. The inside of my front door is bright pink, and I have a feeling he won’t let me do that once we’re married, ha!

  2. I love this fabric and am planning on using it for a queen headboard of my own,but in the magenta color way! I was wondering if you had to have a seam somewhere on the headboard? I can not see one from the picture, but wanted to ask. Thank you so much for your input!

  3. Hi! I love this fabric and am planning on using it for a queen headboard but in the magenta color way! Did you have to place a seam on your haeadboard? It doesnt look like it, but I wanted to double check. I am not sure which way the fabric runs. Thanks for your help!!!

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