Ever since I posted about this wedding last month, I’ve been thinking about that blush-colored dress. Not only is it a stunning dress in and of itself, but the fact that this bride opted for blush rather than traditional white for her dress makes it all the more special. Like I told you all before, my dress will be white (a soft white, to be exact), and while I wouldn’t a change a thing about it, this wedding got me thinking about nontraditional options. Blush is a popular alternative. Remember Reese Witherspoon’s wedding to Jim Toth? The actress walked down the aisle in a soft pink Monique Lhullier corset dress. Stunning. More recently, Jessica Biel opted for a pink floral Giambattista Valli gown for her Italian nuptials. There have been plenty of other colors, too. Elizabeth Taylor wore yellow (!) for her first wedding to Richard Burton. I’m also partial to the idea of light blue (a lá Blair Waldorf to Chuck Bass) or even a pale gray. More and more bridal designers are sending color down the runway. Oscar de la Renta had several light blue gowns in his 2013 bridal collection – as well as a floral option. My favorite, though, is Elie Saab’s spring 2012 couture collection. That entire runway was dreamy.

What are your thoughts on breaking this tradition? Would you do color?





(Images via Style.com // People // Oscar de la Renta // Once Wed)


  1. I know my wedding will be anything but traditional. So i’m really partial to wear a soft toned color like pink, blue, or even lavender. I think it looks great, and since I’m seeing myself as having some sort of Rustic type of wedding I dont want to wear pure white, or any sort of white. I really love the dressed you posted up. I don’t want to be one of those women who has a pinterest with wedding ideas and no man but this is tempting me to start one haha, and putting all of these dresses in there.

  2. LOVE this first dress. I am in the same boat, Bradley – looking for something like the first dress. The link isnt working however :(

  3. I kind of love the first one. I always thought if I redid my wedding I’d pick something more unconventional. I actually like the idea of like a 60s style shift or something.

  4. I went with a white dress, but I almost went with a pinkish/taupe one from Vera Wang. tough choice, but in the end I realized that I would never regret wearing white (actually ivory) but I may regret having not worn white on that day!

  5. I think that “blush” is flattering an chic color, totally fitting for a sweet bride- not so different or trendy that you will regret it later. The grey/taupe dress is stunning. Both would look great on you.

  6. If you’re feeling a non-white dress, go for it! I think if anything, wedding trends have been leaning off the straight-and-narrow typical path for a few years now. I wore a blush-toned dress for my wedding, and I’ve never regretted it. Go for it; with your body, you can pull anything off!

    xxoo, k

  7. I LOVE blush dresses. My runner-up for my own wedding was a stunning blush dress. I ended up going with ivory but if I could have a costume change halfway through the day I’d slip into a blush or gray dress for sure!


  8. As a wedding photographer, I would LOVE to see something a little different! All of those dresses are gorgeous. Honestly, I would shoot you in any dress with your taste in style. Absolutely flawless. All the best!


  9. My dress isn’t white or ivory – it is more of a champagne color and I love it! I work at a bridal store so I got so sick of white gowns and decided to branch out! It’s so fun – but you do only get a chance to wear a white gown once.
    -Bree @ aBreeFashion.blogspot.com

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