TGIF. This week seemed to drag on,  and I’m more than ready for the weekend. It’s been so busy around here lately that I could really use a couple of days to relax. I’m going to be checking some things off of my (never-ending) to-do list. It always makes me feel better when I go to bed on Sunday night feeling like I’ve been productive. And hopefully, somewhere in there, I’ll manage to squeeze in some pool time. I’m headed to the beach next Wednesday (hooray!), and I could really use a little color so that my skin doesn’t look quite so ghostly. Here’s a to relaxing and productive weekend! 
(On another note, how fab is the striped suit in this photo? It actually inspired me to make this little stripe purchase of my own. It’s already packed in my suitcase for the beach.)


When it comes to wardrobe staples, Equipment blouses are near the very top of my list. I live in these things.  They’re simple and chic – not to mention, super comfortable. However, they’re not exactly budget friendly (though worth every penny, in my opinion). So, when I see a sale on these, I jump at it. Matches has marked these down 40%. The aqua version is going to be the first one in my cart. Don’t mind if I do. 



There’s really nothing better than the feeling I get after cleaning out my closet. I love opening the door to an organized closet and seeing actual space between the hangers. It really gives me a sense of accomplishment. The only question is what to do with the piles of clothing and accessories that I’m no longer keeping? Enter Klury.com. The Phoenix-based online retailer specializes in the buying and selling of high-end designer fashion and accessories. The process is super simple: fill out a form and submit a photo of the item and within 24 hours Klury.com will make you an offer. Once you accept the offer, you simply print out the pre-paid shipping form and drop your item off at the USPS office. That’s it. Quick and easy. It sure beats spending time uploading photos to eBay or waiting out the 90 days at the consignment store. Oh, and if you’re looking to fill some of that extra space you have after your closet clean out, Klury.com can help with that too.  Check out their selection of gently used items at budget friendly prices. 


I first came across Arianna Vargas through her blog, Arianna Belle: Organized Interiors. (A girl after my own heart. She showcases beautifully organized spaces, and she gives some great tips on how to keep your own home organized. I love looking at that kind of stuff.) I quickly realized that this lady has a great eye for design. You can see for yourself in her Etsy shop where she sells a variety of throw pillows. She has so many amazing options! Whether you like a bold pattern like David Hicks’ La Fiorentina (one of my personal favorites) or your prefer something a bit softer á la Barbara Barry, you’ll find it in this shop. Or if you’ve got something else in mind, Arianna offers custom listings so you can exactly what what your heart desires. Add this little shop to your bookmarks!


The Everygirl has been a daily read of mine since the site launched earlier this year. It’s an amazing site with so many great resources for women. I’m honored to be a contributor on today’s feature  –  “Fashion Essentials, 21 Items to Get You Through Your Twenties.” With the help of The Everygirl team, I pulled together a list closet staples – everything from ballet flats to the unmentionables – that girls in their  20s need to have. I hope you’ll head over there and check it out. 



If you’ve been reading this blog for a some time (or even if you’ve only read a single What I Love Right Now post) then you know I have a serious affection for Shopbop. Checking their “What’s New” section is a morning ritual of mine (not to mention, the cause of many an impulse purchase), and rarely does a morning perusal go by without something being added to “my hearts.” Until a few weeks ago, however, I had never purchased anything from their in-house label, Bop Basics. After just one order, I’m already really impressed with the label. They offer a variety of classic wardrobe items – including this jumpsuit! It’s a super lightweight piece making it ideal for warm summer nights, and it’s simple silhouette lends itself nicely to statement accessories (a belt would be perfect here!). I’m already adding it to my suitcase for next week’s beach vacay… 


One good thing about this time of year is that retailers are beginning to make room for all of their pre-fall merchandise. That means plenty of sales! There seems to be a sale everywhere I look, but one of the best ones I’ve seen yet is Barneys‘. They have so many amazing pieces that have been marked down to nearly 60% off. I found some really great dresses (check out this striped Opening Ceremony one) that are perfect for summer, but I also came across pieces like  this A.L.C. sweater that would really work year-round. Here’s a quick selection of some of my favorites in the sale, but it’s definitely worth a look for yourself.